Toontown: Event Horizon
Toons in space

What's the big idea behind Event Horizon?

Toontown: Event Horizon is an entirely free-to-play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) fan game that dives into a re-imagination of Disney's Toontown Online and its unseen future from beyond the stars.

Create a toon with expansive customization options, gear up on silly Gags and all-new Holo-Cards, and explore the vast original worlds of a new Toontown! Prove you're toon enough as you face off against both familiar and new Cogs: evil business robots who threaten to invade the galaxy.... or worse?

Will you hold on to your true nature in the face of anomaly?

The Infinisuite

Enter a toony adventure of cosmic proportions!

Enter a toony adventure of cosmic proportions!

Make-a-Toon carousel

Enjoy space like never before with your very own Toon! Build the craziest characters with our one-of-a-kind Toon-Maker 9000, and believe us, with over 30 Toon Species to choose from?

The possibilities are INFINITE!

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Toon Body Development
Backstage: Generalist Visual Development
Backstage: Cog Suit Development

Catch up with our latest videos!

Catch up with our latest videos!

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